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How to Add Cookie Banner on WordPress Website #


There are two ways to achieve the same:

  1. Adding directly
  2. Installing via the wp-code plugin

Get installation JS script #

Step 1: Go to your Cookiezen dashboard and click on “Installation Code” to get the code

Step 2: Click on the “Copy code” button to copy the code.


Method 1 – Adding Directly #

Step 3: On your WordPress dashboard select Appearance and under that click on Theme Editor

Step 4: Go to the “header.php” file.

Step 5: In the header.php paste your installation code directly under <head> tag as shown in the image below. 

Please Note: Place the Cookiezen script right below the head section else it won’t block the scripts 

And you are done!:

Method 2 – Adding via wp-code Plugin #

Here we are using the wp-code plugin

Note: When using a plugin make sure the Cookiezen script is above all your current scripts

Step 3: Install the wp-code plugin

Step 4: In your WordPress dashboard -> Go to Code Snippets > “Add new” button and click

Step 5: On the next screen select the “Add your custom code” option

Step 6: Paste the Cookiezen code and save the snippet.

Final Step (Optional): To confirm visit your website like a normal website visitor. And you will see the Cookiezen cookie banner popup

In case of any further questions please feel free to reach us at Technical Support

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Updated on May 28, 2023