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Easy Website Privacy Compliance to Avoid Legal Fines

Make your website compliant with the ever-changing global privacy laws like EU GDPR, California CCPA, Canada PIPEDA, UK ICO, Australia APA, Singapore PDPA, Brazil LGPD, German DSGVO & more

My cookies, regulatory compliance are updated each and every time there is an update. I don't have to worry whenever regulations change as Cookiezen ensures my site's compliance. Highly recomended! Source - Capterra

Peace of mind that your business stays in compliance with the ever changing privacy laws worldwide

Cookiezen helps you to keep your website in compliance with stringent privacy laws like GDPR, UK ICO (GDPR), German DSGVO, Canada PIPEDA, French CNIL, Brazil LGPD, California CCPA, Singapore PDPA, and more.

No more long hours researching about legalities 😑😑 and worrying about creating, and updating policies for your business. 😟😟

Do all that without having to spend thousands of $$ in legal fees or wasting hours of your time every week to keep up with ever-changing privacy laws worldwide.

Cookiezen is your one-stop solution for complete website compliance with the latest privacy laws. How?

Firstly it gives you a cookie consent solution which is a cookie banner added to your website. Cookies get blocked or allowed based on your website visitor’s preference and consent logs of your website get stored in your Cookiezen account.

Second, it gives you the ability to create policies that are mandatory as per GDPR – Cookie and Privacy policy

Policies are created based on the marketing, analytics, and some essential scripts your website uses like Google Analytics, FB pixels, etc. 

Policies are automatically updated every month according to the latest regulations so your website stays up to date with the latest legal regulations.

And the best part? It will just take you a few minutes and clicks to get the whole setup done 🙂
Above all, Cookiezen is available at a special one-time price for limited time i.e. no daunting monthly payments.

Cookiezen will be a perfect solution for non-techies like a blogger, ecom store owner, a marketeer, and Agencies who are looking to manage their client’s website compliance.

Cookiezen is a treat for agency owners as you can assign a particular domain to your client and manage multiple websites from a single dashboard. 

So with Cookiezen, you save yourself 100s of hours of research and thousands of $$ of lawyer fees to comply easily with the latest privacy laws.

Cookie Consent Banner

  • Cookies get automatically scanned and categorized  from your website
  • Cookies & third-party trackers are automatically blocked until your website visitor gives their consent 
  • Consent logs are stored and can be exported for proof of consent
  • It is so lightweight that it won’t impact your website load speed 
  • You can style the cookie banner to match your brand color, logo, and banner position of your choice.

Cookie and Privacy policy

  • Generate both cookie and privacy policies in your local language
  • Both cookie policy and privacy policy support your local regulations like GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, PIPEDA, CNIL, etc
  • You can create policies in under 10 – 15 minutes by filling out a simple form about your business type, location, etc.
  • You can add an auto-updating policy custom code snippet or simply add a policy URL to your website that is automatically updated according to the latest legal regulations
“The Cancellation Insights feature is a no-brainer. It replaced our in-house solution in less than an hour, and it provides exactly the insights we need.”
Ben Bartling, Zoomshift

Trusted by over 600,000 businesses worldwide

Cookiezen helps me to be compliant in the US and Europe. It is easy to use, and installation on my WordPress website was simple. Lot of cookie banner customization options and advanced design options with custom CSS. Lastly, the support is great, they really listen and help! Source - Capterra

Simple Steps to compliance


We scan and categorize your website cookies & other third party trackers

All you need to do is enter your website URL. Rest Cookiezen bot will then automatically take care of scanning and categorizing cookies & other third-party trackers for your primary domain and subdomains.


Style to your match your website brand

Now in just a few clicks, you can customize the consent banner to match your brand style.
For starters, you can customize banner language, brand color, theme ( dark/light), position & content of the banner.

For advanced customizations, you can use custom CSS


Integrate it with your website

Easily add the cookie consent banner to your website by adding lightweight Javascript custom code to your website.

Don't worry it is easy, we have step by step-by-step guide and support team available if you get stuck at any step 🙂


Create Cookie and privacy policy

After adding the cookie banner to your website all you need to do is create and add policies to your website.

You can create policies in your local language.

Don't worry it only takes 10-15 minutes to create and add policies

You can style the policies based on your website theme (dark/ light) & font ( color, size, weight).

After creating the policies you can simply add an auto-updating policy custom code snippet or directly link the policy URL

These policies will get automatically updated on your website with the latest privacy laws so you can focus on your core business.


Now your website is compliant with the latest privacy laws

Yup, it was that easy. 🙂

Now your website cookies/ trackers are blocked or loaded on your website based on your website visitor's consent preferences.

The consent logs are stored in your Cookiezen dashboard and can be exported anytime you need. Consent logs are mandatory for proof of consent for GDPR.

To make sure your business stays in compliance every month your cookie consent banner and policies are automatically updated according to the latest website and regulation changes without you having to lift a finger.

Supports Your Local Regulations