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How to setup Cookiezen the right way #

You can complete the Cookiezen setup in less than 10 minutes by following this simple guide

  1. First, customize according to your brand
  2. Add the code to your website. And you are done!
  3. Optional step – If cookies are not blocking on page load

Step 1: Customize According to Your Brand #

First, log in to your Cookiezen Account > head over to the “Cookie Banner” tab

Next select the compliance you want to comply with GDPR, CCPA, or both.

Please Note: For the GDPR&CCPA option – The Cookie Consent banner will automatically show the GDPR banner if your website visitor is from the EU & CCPA banner if your website visitor is from the USA.

Customize the color & position of the banner from the next 2 tabs according to your liking

Click “Publish changes” to save your progress.

Optional step – Can be skipped: Edit the content of the Cookie consent tab you can by going into the “Content” tab in the sidebar.


Step 2: Add embed code to your website #

Go to Home > Click the “Installation Code” button

Click on “Copy code”

Please Note: Paste the code immediately under the <head> tag. The code should be placed above all the analytics scripts/ marketing pixels that you have placed on your website.

Step-by-step documentation links for adding code with your website builder:

Result:- #

First – The cookie consent banner now shows up on your website which will collect consent from users

Second – Consent logs will get added to your Cookiezen dashboard which you can export for the proof of consent for GDPR compliance

Additionally, you can add a Cookie policy to your website in 3 clicks

Go to your Cookiezen dashboard > “Policies” tab > Next Click on “+ Add New” button

Fill in your website owner details ( business/ individual )

Now you can add the cookie policy to your website as shown below

You can add Cookie Policy on your website via:

  • Simple Code Snippet to embed Cookie Policy in your website
  • Direct URL to Cookie Policy
  • Or Direct HTML formatted code

You can add a direct cookie policy to your website or add a URL to the cookie consent banner as shown below

Go to Cookie banner tab > Content section > Enable “Cookie Policy” link toggle + Add your Cookie policy URL (Cookiezen cookie policy URL or the policy you added on your site) > Save changes

And all done!


Optional step: #

Note: This step is needed if your cookies are not blocking on page load even after adding Cookiezen script to your website -> Tutorial link


Note: CookieZen will identify all cookies except the ones coming from iframes like Youtube videos, Google Maps, etc because those are automatically blocked so you can stay worry-free about your website compliance. Try CookieZen for free

In case of any further questions please feel free to reach us at Technical Support

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Updated on August 25, 2023