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Iubenda vs Cookiezen

Discover how Cookiezen outshines Iubenda

Full GDPR complianceIubenda only offer full GDPR compliance in the highest Appsumo planCookiezen offers full GDPR complaince in all of the plans
Website limitThe highest Appsumo plan can only manage 5 domains. Bad for AgenciesCan manage upto 150 domains making it a perfect fit for Agencies
Pricing2x more expensive than Cookiezen and lower limits2x cheaper than Iubenda with higher consent logs and pageviews limit
Agency FeaturesOnly in recurring plansCookiezen has Agency features like "Assign a particular domain to client" and "CNAME"
Who is it for?Enterprises as it is hard to setupBest suited for Agencies and small businesses.
Ease of useIubenda can be confusing to use and set up for non-techiesVery easy to use and setup. A delight for non-techies
What type of website suited for?Can manage low traffic websites due to low limitsCan manage high to medium traffic websites due to higher limits

How do Iubenda and Cookiezen compare

Full GDPR / CCPA/ LGPD compliance

For GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, and other privacy laws compliance these things are needed overall:

  • Cookie consent banner
  • Consent solution – Ability to store and export for proof of consent
  • Cookie Policy
  • Privacy policy
Iubenda only offers a consent solution in the highest Appsumo plan making the first 2 plans GDPR non-compliant whereas Cookiezen offers it in all the plans.

Limits and pricing

Some background:

Iubenda  5 slot licenses allows you to generate either 5 privacy and cookie policies or 1 privacy policy, cookie policy, and terms and conditions document for one site. So basically in Iubenda 1 site = 5 licenses

Websites limits

Iubenda gives 1 site for $59, 3 for $118, and 5 sites for $177 whereas Cookiezen provides 3 sites for $79 and 10 sites for $149, and 25 sites for $249. So Cookiezen has the same website limit for half the price.

Lastly in Iubenda, you can only get 5 websites max in the highest tier. Whereas in Cookiezen you can scale up to 150 websites making it ideal for Agencies

Pageviews limit 

Iubenda’s low limits like 50k page views/ website in all packs are suitable only for a very low-traffic website, but Cookiezen is fit for medium to high-traffic sites with a 1m+ website visitor limit each month!

Consent logs

Cookiezen gives consent solution in all the plans making your website fully GDPR compliant whereas Iubenda only includes it in the highest Appsumo tier making the first 2 tiers non-GDPR compliant

Who is it for?

Cookiezen is for small businesses and Agency owners looking for an affordable solution to manage their website.

Iubenda is focused on Enterprises with its lower limits and being hard to use and setup.

Agency Features

Cookiezen has essential Agency features like “Assign a particular domain to client” and “CNAME”. So Agency owners can manage clients more easily and sell Cookiezen as a whitelabel solution. 

This way agencies can add an extra revenue stream and increase their brand authority. 

Iubenda lacks Agency features

Ease of use

Cookiezen is built for non-techies so it is very easy to use all you need is a few clicks and 10-15 minutes to create your own cookie banner and policies from scratch.

Whereas Iubenda I heard from many users is confusing to use and set up so if you are using both Cookiezen and Iubenda for the first time you might find Cookiezen way easier and quicker to set up!

What others are saying?

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Can it auto translate the cookie banner’s language to the the website viewer’s language settings?

    Yes, the cookie banner auto-translates based on the website viewer’s language. You can also set a fixed language if you don’t want the banner to auto translate.

  • Can I use it on a multilingual website or with a multilingual WordPress plugin?

    Yes as Cookiezen auto translates cookie banner according to the website visitor’s language settings. It will auto-identify the website visitor’s language and auto-translate.

  • Does Cookiezen works with my website builder or only WordPress?

    Cookiezen works with 99% of website builders and custom sites written with coding languages like PHP, Ruby, Node, etc All you have to do is add a JS custom code snippet to your website. 

    In website builders, you can do this with the “Custom HTML” option. Many users are already using it

  • Does Cookiezen show the banner based on the visitor’s geolocation? Like showing GDPR banner in EU & CCPA banner in California

    Yes it does detect the location and shows consent banner only where and when required

  • Does it work with wordpress themes like Divi or builders like brizy?

    Yes it does, again you can add Cookiezen script using the “Custom HTML code” option

Biggest Misconceptions

  • Will I need Cookiezen after Google 3rd party cookies update in 2024?

    Yes, you would. 

    Safari has already been blocking 3rd party cookies for many years. So according to privacy laws, you would still need to get the consent of your website visitor before placing your first-party cookies/ trackers in their browser. 

    In fact you would need Cookiezen even more badly due to new tracking ways being implemented and privacy being taken more seriously than ever. 

    If interested to read in-depth reference please refer to this article : 


  • Why not just use free plugin or free tier of a Saas like cookiebot or complianz?

    Free plugins lack a lot of things that are important for your business such as: 

    1. Branding – You cannot remove “Powered by” from the cookie banner. Secondly, you don’t have limited brand customization options. 

    2. Managing multiple websites – You are not able to manage multiple websites from a single dashboard 

    3. Auto updating policies – In free plugins, you don’t get auto-updating policies that keep your website up to date with the local regulations 

    4. Consent logs – In most of the free plugins you don’t get ability to store and export consent logs. So you are not completely GDPR-compliant 

    5. Auto-updating banner based on Geolocation – The Cookie banner should update its language and consent settings based on the location of the website visitor. It should show a GDPR banner to someone in Germany and a CCPA banner to someone in the US. These 5 things are missing in the free plugins or free Saas tiers


  • Why is Cookiezen better for Agencies as compared to other cookie banner solutions?

    1. Manage multiple websites - You can manage multiple client websites under 1 single dashboard. 

    2. Assign particular domain to client - You can assign your client a particular domain/s so they can manage on their website on themselves too saving you time and bringing more client satisfaction

    3. CNAME - You can whitelabel Cookiezen embed code with your domain. This will increase your Agency's authority in eyes of your client and you add an extra revenue stream by offering compliance service

  • Is whitelabel available?

    Yes, it is available in 100+ domain agency plans. 

    You can Whitelabel the Cookie banner embed code, policies embed code, and policies URL with your domain using the CNAME feature. 

    For Agency plans please refer – https://app.cookiezen.io/agency

Cookiezen vs Alternatives

  • Illow vs Cookiezen

    At first look, both looked the same but there are many differences in both when one dives deeper. Differences stated below: 

    Branding + CNAME – Cookiezen offers full branding removal on the cookie banner whereas Illow has branding on the second screen of the cookie banner. Secondly, you can white label cookie banner and policies JS custom code snippets and policy URLs with your domain with the CNAME in Cookiezen which will make your Agency stand out of the rest. 

    Privacy policy – In Illow you can create a basic privacy policy that isn’t customized according to your business whereas in Cookiezen you can create a comprehensive lawyer standard policy. 

    Cookie scanning – In Illow cookie scanning is a bit buggy as it doesn’t categorize most of the cookies whereas in Cookiezen cookies are categorized properly just missing categorizing a few cookies sometimes 

    Limits + Pricing – Cookiezen provides better consent logs, and pageview limits which is ideal if you managing medium to high-traffic websites. Whereas Illow offers lower consent log limits but better domain limits so better for managing low-traffic websites. 

    Scripts/ fonts scan – Scripts and fonts are not scanned in Illow which is mandatory for regulations like German DSGVO etc Customization – Cookiezen has more advanced Cookie banner customization and custom CSS for even more granular design 

    User interface – The design of the cookie banner is entirely different. People who shifted from Illow tell me Cookiezen banner design looks more neater and professional. Compare for yourself as everyone’s taste is different 🙂 

    For in-depth analysis please refer: https://cookiezen.io/illow-vs-cookiezen/

  • Iubenda vs Cookiezen

    The major differences are as follows: 

    1. Plans – Cookiezen provides a full GDPR-compliant solution in all tiers. Whereas Iubenda gives that only in the highest Appsumo tier 

    2. Limits – Cookiezen offers similar limits at half the price of Iubenda. In Iubenda’s highest tier, you can have max 5 websites whereas in Cookiezen you can even scale to 150 websites. 

    3. Ease of use and setup – Cookiezen is focused on non-techies hence is quite easy to use and set up. Whereas Iubenda being a legacy solution is a bit complicated to use for a non-techie 

    4. Agency focus – Cookiezen is focused on Agencies. Cookiezen stands out by providing features like Assign a domain to the client, CNAME 

    For more in-depth comparison: https://cookiezen.io/iubenda-vs-cookiezen/

  • Cookieyes vs Cookiezen

    The major differences are: 

    Domain locking – In Cookieyes once you add a domain you can’t remove or replace it which means a domain is wasted. Whereas in Cookiezen you have the flexibility to add, or remove domain whenever you like. 

    Focus – Cookieyes is focused on general businesses whereas Cookiezen is focused on Agencies 

    Agency features – Cookieyes lacks Agency features like “Assign a particular domain to client” & CNAME

  • Axeptio vs Cookiezen

    The main differences are: 

    Agency features – Axeptio lacks agency management features like “Assign a particular domain to client”, and CNAME. Whereas Cookiezen has both and more upcoming as Agency is Cookiezen’s main focus. 

    Policy generation – Axeptio cannot generate privacy and cookie policy. On the other hand in Cookiezen you can create lawyer-standard cookie and privacy policy 

    Casual vs professional design – The design of the Axeptio cookie banner is more casual whereas Cookiezen is professional 

    Ease of use – People who shifted from Axeptio to Cookiezen find Cookiezen easier to setup and use 

Make your website compliant with the latest privacy laws like GDPR, CCPA & more in just a few clicks