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Illow alternative CookieZen #



Firstly both Illow and Cookiezen are solutions to comply with privacy regulations like GDPR/CCPA/LGPD compliance.

At first look, both will seem like alternatives, but after testing both you will notice many differences:

Cookiezen Illow
1. Branding
Cookiezen offer full branding removal on the Cookie banner Illow has partial branding removal on the Cookie banner
2. Cookie Scanning (More details below)
Cookiezen works seamlessly and makes your website GDPR-compliant. In Illow it is not working correctly which keeps your website incompliant with GDPR
Scan works fine, so all you need is 1 click to make it work 🙂This a problem if you are managing a lot of websites and would have to check cookies for each website before setup.
3. Who is it for?
Cookiezen is an ideal solution for agencies as it makes it hassle-free to manage and set up new clients. Illow seems to be focused on Enterprise as it has a data deletion feature that is only relevant to enterprise
Cookiezen offers more pageviews, making it suitable for all low to high-traffic websites toIllow can also work for you if you are only managing 2-3 websites and have low-traffic.
4. Limits and Pricing
Cookiezen will work for you for managing low to high-traffic websites.Illow on the other hand works for you if you are just starting out or managing low traffic websites.
Cookiezen will be an ideal fit if you are getting medium-high traffic today or expect it in future
5. Agency Features – Cookiezen is focused on Agencies and has features like:Agency features only in the highest monthly plan which was $40 at time of comparison written
Agency CNAME ( upcoming in September ) No CNAME
Agency Templates ( upcoming )

For an Agency -> Cookiezen will be the ideal solution.

For people managing their own website ( 1- 3 websites ) -> Please through the below section, as 70-80% of things are common if managing 1 – 3 websites


Detailed Analysis #

> Branding #

Cookiezen offers full “Powered by Cookiezen” branding removal on both the screens of the Cookie banner

Illow has no option to remove branding on the preferences tab

This branding is a concern mainly for Agencies and people who want to look professional

For testing the Cookie scan -> A scan was run on komododecks.com on both Cookiezen and Illow

Cookiezen Scan Results: #

Illow Scan Results: #

Main Problem: Cookies are categorized incorrectly in Illow making the banner non-compliant with GDPR

Problem 2: Extra cookies coming

  • Illow made the cookie banner non-compliant with GDPR by wrongly categorizing the cookies. Illow put Performance cookies under necessary.
  • Illow gave extra cookies that don’t even exist on the Komododecks website.
  • Cookiezen scan worked seamlessly. Cookiezen added cookies under “Performance” and some under “Unclassified” so it created a cookie banner that complies with GDPR.

To summarize: #

People using Illow for Personal use This bug might not seem like a big problem if you have 2 or 3 websites. Note: After every monthly scan cookies are rescanned in Illow so you would have to correct the cookies in Illow every month or turn off the monthly scan option.

People using Illow for Agency If you are managing 100 websites will you really check and correct cookies each time for every new website? And that too every month after a monthly scan, seems too much work to me personally for a couple of saved bucks 🙂

Illow’s perspective – Illow is focused on enterprise, so they have to set up this once for their enterprise client so it won’t be an issue for them or a priority to fix this Cookie scan issue.

So if you are an agency another solution like Cookiezen is a better fit for you!

> Agency features #

Cookiezen will launch features in upcoming months which will be a game changer for agencies managing client’s websites, like

Agency FeaturesCookiezenIllow
CNAME – whit labeling embed links with your agency branding UpcomingX
Templates – Create Cookie banners for clients 10x faster by using a templateUpcomingX
Manage multiple domains from a single dashboardYesYes

So if you want to manage client’s websites in a hassle-free way Cookiezen is your ideal bet

> User Interface #

This might be already visible to you on comparing both. This is your personal choice of which one you think is better. 🙂

Illow Official Site Cookie banner

Cookiezen Official Site Cookie banner

> Limits and Pricing #

Both Illow and Cookiezen have similar pricing structures with 2 main differences

  • Firstly, Illow has more domain limits & Cookiezen has more pageviews limits. So you can manage medium to high-traffic sites too in Cookiezen whereas on Illow you can manage low-traffic websites with more domains.
  • Secondly, Cookiezen comes with Agency updates so managing client’s websites is hassle-free which Illow doesn’t
  • Pricing – Cookiezen is more expensive than Illow but Cookiezen offers full branding removal on your Cookie banner, unlike Illow.
  • At last, if you don’t care about branding or Agency features or limits then you can use any of the free Cookie consent solutions available instead of spending money on anything.

> Ease of use #

Both Illow and Cookiezen seemed easy to me so nothing to compare here

Lastly, if you have any doubts or questions feel free to email me at hello@cookiezen.io


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Updated on September 18, 2023